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Richard Young MBA, AICB

Richard has thirty years of senior business experience. He led a number of successful outsourcing and transformation bids in the telecommunications sector and has worked as a Quality Director in the automotive industry (working in French).  Richard also has in-depth experience of finance, pricing, strategy, sales and marketing and customer service and is a qualified food retail specialist.

Richard is licenced to practice by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. He has an engineering degree and an MBA from London Business School.

Despite all this impressive stuff, his passion is working one to one with customers. His approach is caring and personable. His input to customers is not limited to the formalities of bookkeeping and looking after their finances. He looks after people.

Doing business with Avonfield Bookkeeping 

We don’t price our services by the hour. Our purpose is to add value to your business. We believe that, as with most businesses, value is based on you and your business and that this is distinctive to each person and business. So no two engagements will have the same price and conditions.

We spend time seeking to understand each customer. To start with, please get in touch to arrange our first meeting, for which we don't charge.  We treat these meetings with you and the details of any resulting engagement terms, as confidential, as we do with all our customers.

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Doing  business with Avonfield